As much as I would love to show you the inside of this invi­ta­tion… I CAN’T until after the baby shower! 😉

My sis­ter is expect­ing and it’s a boy!  Of course, can’t you tell by the colors!?
I cre­at­ed these invi­ta­tions using Envel­op­ments Sig­na­ture Land­scape Z-Cards in First Snow-SWI01.  I also used metal­lic card stocks Wind, Graphite and Tita­ni­um as well as White Clas­sic mat­te cards.  The invites came out beau­ti­ful­ly.  I pho­to­shopped the design of the invi­ta­tion and then cre­at­ed dif­fer­ent ‘Oh Baby Bin­go’ cards which will be used at the event. Sub­scribe to this blog to fol­low up on the inside of this invi­ta­tion after the baby show­er.  I can’t tell you when (lol).  You will be in awe when you see it!

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