Ana & James were very pleased with their wed­ding invi­ta­tions and asked if I could make their thank you cards.  I was very hap­py to design the cards for them because I had a design in mind.  I asked the cou­ple if they could pro­vide me with sev­er­al pho­tos from their wed­ding and I blend­ed the pho­tos in Pho­to­shop to com­pose the design of the card.  I then added their thank you notes along with their names.  They were print­ed on both sides on mat­te pho­to cards which gave them beau­ti­ful vibrant col­ors.  I was very ecsta­t­ic with the out­come of the project and know that these cards will not only get their thank you mes­sage across but will also be a great mem­o­ry keepsake!

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